Oxfam supports clean up Campaigns, urges government to fight Typhoid

In response to the current Typhoid outbreak, during one of Oxfam sponsored Cleanup Campaigns in Mbare, Harare today, Oxfam Country Director Machinda Marongwe said: “While support to communities during the current disease outbreak is ongoing, Government should look at addressing the various underlying causes leading to these outbreaks. The question we all need to ask is how can we ensure progressive planning and sustainability of efforts within communities to avert such a crisis as this?”.
At household and community level, let us take proactive action to keep our families safe from disease by ensuring that the water we drink is safe. It costs more to deal with sickness than to prevent the disease. Communities should make use of available affordable technologies like water guard to be safe. Both private and public stakeholders in the health sector should work with communities, supporting sustainable causes that can help build the communities resilience against disease outbreaks and ensure healthy lifestyles.”

Oxfam and partners are working hand in hand with the government and local authorities to help contain the Typhoid outbreak. Oxfam is promoting access to safe water through household water treatment and hygiene promotion both at the community and institutional level.


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