Promoting Gender Equity in Extractive Industries

In commemoration of International Women’s Day Oxfam and
Publish What You Pay partners held a Symposium, which focused
on Gender in Extractives. The Gender and Extractives Platform was
organized by a Coalition of 10 organisations whose common
interest is to see Zimbabwean women actively participate and
benefit from the mineral resources in Zimbabwe. The event was
an effort to recognise the diversity of women in the mining sector.
The theme of the day focused on Promoting Gender Equity and
Social Inclusion in Zimbabwe’s Mining Industry.

The initiative was also aimed at promoting women’s economic
empowerment, investment and protection of women’s rights at
different levels of the Mining value chain, both In large scale
extractive industries, Small scale mining, artisanal mining and in
decision making processes. The symposium was used as will
work as a multi stakeholder platform which facilitated for learning,
exchange and debate on the political, economic conceptual and
practical dimensions of the challenges and opportunities for
Women in Mining with the aim of improving mining laws, policies
and practices for the creation of sustainable and inclusive
economic development especially for women.


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