When a river is the only source

A call from Mberengwa

Metrine Chuma is a 30year old mother of three children and lives in a family of eleven in Muzondiwa Village, Ward 34 in Mberengwa District. Growing up in Muzondiwa Village, all Metrine and her siblings ever known was fetching water from a river. She remembers as a child taking pleasure in assisting her mother with a small bucket every time she would visit the river. “I have always thought fetching drinking water from a river was normal until I visited other villages and saw that water could come out of a borehole”, she said.

“Here in Muzondiwa village since I was born we have always drank water from the river. It is not safe, we see worms and often have to boiled before drinking the water. During the drier months we often struggle when the river dries but there is nothing we can do” Said Metrine”.

“Sometimes when the river dries we have to dig at least one meter down the river bed so that we can get drinking water,” she said.

The same water source Metrine and family uses for drinking and cooking, is the same river the cattle’s are taken to drink. They know this exposes them and their children to sickness and diseases but “we have no choice” she said. ”Often our Children complain of stomach pains but there is nothing we can do. We need help we have never accessed clean and safe water. We fetch water three times a day and sometimes when it is dry it can take us up to 2hrs of digging the riverbed” she added.


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