Smallholder farmers, especially women and youth in the targeted programme regions are more resilient , have the capacity to manage risks and achieve food security.

Focal Areas:
• Women’s land and water rights: The focus will be to build the capacity of civil society organisations and women’s organisations to influence policy formulation and implementation that facilitates for improved access to and control of land, water and agricultural resources by rural women who are key towards achieving national food security.
• Agriculture value chains: Our work will facilitate the development of value chains that will facilitate smallholder farmers, especially women to enter into low-risk, profitable agricultural value chains.
• Climate resilience: We will provide research-based evidence on how to address the issues that hinder smallholder women farmers, youth and vulnerable communities in their efforts to build their resilience against climate change. We will also invest in developing integrated natural resource management approaches to achieving improved food security and livelihoods.

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